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Our Investment Programs

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Our Investment Programs

We pursue the best investment opportunities, globally and across asset classes, to achieve maximum returns without taking undue risk.

Team Summary

Private Equity

Invests in funds, secondaries, and directly in private equity. Direct Private Equity, Private Equity Asia, Private Equity Funds, Secondaries.

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Real Assets

Invests in commercial real estate, sustainable energies, infrastructure, and portfolio value creation.

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Active Equities

Invests globally in public, and soon-to-be-public, companies, externally managed funds, as well as securities focused on long-horizon structural changes which can include earlier-stage private companies. Active Equities is comprised of seven groups: Active Fundamental Equities, Relationship Investments, Thematic Investing, Fundamental Equities Asia, Direct Equity Investments Latin America, Data Driven Investing as well as Portfolio Strategy and Operations.

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Capital Markets & Factor Investing

Invests assets globally in public equities, fixed income securities, currencies, commodities and derivatives, and manages the engagement of investment managers and co-investments in public market securities. CMF is also responsible for managing the Fund’s financing and trading needs. Our department consists of External Portfolio Management, Financing, Collateral & Trading, Active Macro, Quantitative Strategies & Risk Premia and the Research and Innovation Group.

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Credit Investments

Provides debt-financing solutions across the entire credit structure for borrowers in all sectors. Credit Investments is comprised of six investment groups: Americas Leveraged Finance, Americas Structured Credit and Financials, APAC Credit, European Credit, Public Credit, and Real Assets Credit.

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Total Fund Management

Ensures the investing activities of the organization collectively produce a total portfolio that maximizes long-term returns without taking undue risk. TFM articulates CPP Investments’ investment objectives, designs the Investment Portfolios, directs the investment activity of active programs, and systematically deploys the balancing programs in order to manage Fund’s exposures, leverage, and liquidity over all horizons.

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Our Investments

We are invested globally across public equities, private equities, bonds, private debt, real estate, infrastructure and other areas. We are committed to disclosing timely information about our investment activities.

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How We Invest

We pursue the best investing opportunities worldwide to meet our commitment to Canadians.

Investment Strategy

We actively buy and sell public and private investments to build a globally diverse portfolio that maximizes long-term returns.

Global Mindset

Our on-the-ground teams in key global financial centres build strong relationships and develop local insights that boost the Fund’s performance.

Comparative Advantages

As a long-term, active investor we benefit from compelling comparative advantages to grow the Fund.

Sustainable Investing

We believe organizations that manage Environmental, Social and Governance factors effectively are more likely to create sustainable value over the long-term.

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