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Our Story

Our Story

Created by an Act of Parliament in 1997, CPP Investments has grown the CPP Fund’s assets to help build a foundation for Canadians’ retirement security.

CPP Investments started investing in publicly traded stocks in 1997, following an initial transfer of $12.1 million from the CPP.

We made our first private market investment in 2001. A year later, CPP Investments’ governance model was recognized by the World Bank as an example for others to follow.

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Our Global Presence

With offices in key locations worldwide, we are close to the markets that matter most.

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The CPP Fund is worth more than $400 billion today and is projected to surpass $1 trillion by 2032.

“To keep growing the Fund, we’ll continue to stay open-minded and curious – approaching challenges and opportunities with passion, enthusiasm and a commitment to helping safeguard the financial security of generations of Canadians.”

– John Graham, President and CEO, CPP Investments

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