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Sustainable Investing

We believe organizations that manage environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors effectively are more likely to endure and create sustainable value over the long term.

We believe that, by fully considering ESG risks and opportunities, we become better investors, able to both enhance returns and reduce risk for our more than 20 million contributors and beneficiaries.

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Download our 2021 Report on Sustainable Investing

The legislation that created CPP Investments gives us clear investment objectives: to maximize returns without undue risk of loss, considering factors that may affect the funding of the CPP. While our investment horizon permits patience and allows us to work with businesses to better understand their approach to integrating material ESG factors into their strategy, inaction with respect to these factors is not a viable long-term strategy.

We believe that, by fully considering ESG risks and opportunities, we become better investors, able to both enhance returns and reduce risk for our more than 20 million contributors and beneficiaries.

We reflect this belief through our sustainable investing strategy, which is supported by a formal governance structure and a dedicated Sustainable Investing team. This strategy includes the integration of ESG considerations through the life cycle of an investment (from due diligence through the ownership phase and when our portfolio companies prepare for listing). Learn more about how we are informing investment outcomes.

CPP Investments is an active and engaged owner, and is constructive in our partnership with companies on their ESG related journeys. We recognize and respect the different roles that owners, boards and executives each play in ensuring long-term value creation.

To build trust with portfolio companies, we find it helpful to share our expectations of them with respect to considering ESG factors as they exercise their fiduciary responsibilities to both preserve and grow shareholder value. Learn more about our approach to sustainable investing and what we expect of our portfolio companies.

CPP Investments has established governing policies, approved by our Board of Directors, to guide our ESG activities.

Our Policy on Sustainable Investing establishes how CPP Investments approaches ESG factors which aligns with our legislative objective to maximize long-term investment returns without undue risk of loss.

Our Proxy Voting Principles and Guidelines provide guidance on how CPP Investments is likely to vote on matters put to shareholders and communicate CPP Investments’ views on important matters that boards will deal with in the normal course of business.

President’s Message

More than 20 million Canadians can take comfort in knowing that the CPP is healthy and growing, and that we are investing with ESG factors top-of-mind, such that the Fund will remain sustainable for the next 75 years.

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Listen to our Head of Sustainable Investing discuss the impact of COVID-19 on the consideration of ESG factors.

Our Climate Change Principles

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Our Climate Change Principles


In November 2021, our inaugural Chief Sustainability Officer led the development of our Climate Change Principles. Click here for a message from our Inaugural Chief Sustainability Officer.

These Climate Change Principles help guide and inform our decision-making so we can deliver our mandate against the backdrop of escalating climate risk and opportunities created by supporting the transition of the whole economy towards sustainability. These five Principles are:

Principle 1: Invest for a whole economy transition required by climate change.

Principle 2: Evolve our strategy as transition pathways emerge and global standards for decarbonization materialize.

Principle 3: Exert influence to create value and mitigate risk.

Principle 4: Support a responsible transition based on our investment beliefs and expertise.

Principle 5: Report on our actions, their impacts and our portfolio emissions.

Learn more about how our Fund-wide approach integrates climate change considerations into all relevant investment activities and into our risk framework.

CPP Investments is one of only two global pension fund managers represented on the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD). We are a strong supporter of the TCFD and fully adopted these recommendations by the end of fiscal 2021. Click here to view our reporting in accordance with the TCFD recommendations.

In 2018, CPP Investments became the first pension fund manager to issue a green bond. Green bonds provide CPP Investments with additional funding as we pursue acquisitions of attractive long-term investments that will accelerate the energy transition to a lower-carbon economy.

Listen to members of our Sustainable Energies Group discuss how they are working together to enhance the Fund’s performance.


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2021 Proxy Voting

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2021 Proxy Voting Overview
As at June 30, 2021

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Key 2021 updates to our Proxy Voting Principles and Guidelines:

We believe that good corporate governance enhances long-term shareholder value. One of the most effective ways we can convey our views to boards of directors and management and fulfil our stewardship responsibilities as an active owner is to vote our proxies at annual and special meetings of shareholders. We oppose resolutions that are likely to diminish long-term shareholder value, even though they may produce short-term gains.

CPP Investments conducts an annual review of our Proxy Voting Principles and Guidelines to ensure they reflect evolving global governance best practices. The updated Proxy Voting Principles and Guidelines are reviewed and approved annually by CPP Investments’ Board of Directors.

Our Climate Change Principles

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